Reasons why print media is an important part of Marketing

Marketing has always been in existence since the time the business existed. Communicating information about your product or service has always been a crucial part of any business. The traditional means of print and TV media is slowly being taken over by digital marketing these days. However, that hasn’t decreased the importance of Print Media. Here are a few reasons why print media is an important part of Marketing:

1. It is tangible

The ads you see in magazines, the brochures, and flyers that are delivered at your doorstep and the posters you see around you in different places are all physical items that you can touch and see. If not the posters, the brochures, flyers and other forms of print media will remain with you. You can have a look as and when needed. No longer will you have to switch on your computer or depend on search engines to know about the product or services. The tangible effect of print media will never fade.

2. It captures our attention exclusively

The ads on social media are something that most of us just briefly glance through while browsing through the stuff we are searching for. We don’t often have the patience to go through the social media ads in detail. We click on the ‘Skip this ad’ more often than playing the ad. However, when we browse through a magazine, the colorful ads in glossy pages tempt us to read the content further. This effect can never be achieved in social media ads.

3. No cost on getting subscribers

While social media ads depend on the number of followers or subscribers in groups where they are posted, print media doesn’t have such hassles. Posting the ads in many groups is no easy task. Again, there is no assurance that these ads will be seen or read by the target audience. Print media ads are published in magazines and newspapers that already have viewership in the range of millions. So there is no additional effort to look for people to read or see the ads. No additional expenses are needed for getting more viewers.

4. Not all People are on social media:

It is true that majority of the people out there access the internet and social media. However, it is also true that there are many people, both young and old who shun the social media and still prefer the print magazines and newspapers. To reach out to such people, print media is the only option. In the world of e-books, paperbacks and hardbound books still become the bestsellers.

5. It engages our time more

While we spend just a few seconds on the social media ads, it has been proved through various studies that when we come across an ad in print, we go through it slowly, taking our time, reading it, relishing the colorful images.

Thus, even with the advent of social media and its impact on marketing, print media has not lost its importance.

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