What digital print could mean to your brand


Digital printing is a modern computer-based technique that prints images on a variety of substrates using digital technologies. The said image is digitised – that is, reduced to binary code – and printed without the need of a printing plate. This technique is being widely used because it improves the output speed and also helps to lower costs.

One of the main benefits of digital printing is the significantly low production costs. Therefore, brands can use digital printing techniques to print one or many images straight from a computing device. We note that earlier systems of printing – such as lithography – required a printing plate and the use of this plate led to higher costs of production. Due to there being no plates used, digital printing is also the perfect option for variable and customised printing. The time required by lithographic processes also hindered production processes. Thus, digital printing was introduced as an alternative and it has been widely endorsed – both by consumers and business enterprises.

Brands can benefit from digital printing technologies because they ensure a faster turn-around time. A brand could leverage the use of such technologies to achieve faster business operations. For instance, a photo studio or a design studio could use digital printing systems to print large or small posters for paying consumers. The design studio could use all the creativity at its disposal to create stunning images for the service of commercial clients. These images can then be printed in large-format printers to create posters, decals and appealing signage.

Corporate brands can use digital print technologies to create large billboards with exacting image specifications. Such creations can help to transmit a distinct corporate message through the channels of advertising and publicity. Digital printing can be used to execute large format printing jobs that can be as large as needed. This technique uses a variety of printing media – such as paper, glass, metal, wood and vinyl. Further, our range of digital printers are widely renown in the markets and can be used to produce work quickly.

Small companies and fresh entrepreneurs can use digital printing systems for their businesses. These entities can use digital printing systems to create print samples for clients and business cards as well. The evolved nature of digital printing technologies means that brands can lower their production costs and cut material waste. In addition, customized packaging can be explored by brands that use digital printing technologies. Such benefits can offer long term savings for any business.

Budding brands can use digital print technologies to create flyers and small advertisements. These products can be used to attract new clients and serve existing customers. Large print runs are easily executed on such systems and therefore mass orders can be serviced. Bespoke orders can be processed using innovative colour schemes and these can help a business to gain market acclaim. These uses can help the budding brand to gain a wider market acceptance. Needless to say that digital printing has firmly established its presence in the printing market.

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