Top Benefits of Offset Printing

Offset printing is a type of printing technology that makes use of metal plates that can transfer images to rubber "blankets" and subsequently transfer those images to paper. This method is called "offset" printing because the ink never gets directly transferred to the paper.

Offset Printing

If you are wondering why this method of printing is so popular, here are the top benefits of offset printing.

  • Better Quality

Surprisingly, traditional offset printing machines are able to outperform newer, digital printing machines. The fact that offset printing machines use ink instead of toner means that the finished product will have finer lines and more vibrant colours.

  • Affordable

Offset printing is currently the most affordable way to print large orders. If you need to print millions of inserts or thousands of copies of magazines, offset printing can get the job done for a reasonable fee. The cost to make the metal plates is the same regardless of how many copies you need to print. With offset printing the cost per copy decreases as the number of impressions you print increases.

  • Fast

Offset printing machines can run up to 21,000 sheets per hour in comparison to digital printers which run less than 1,000 sheets an hour.

  • Multiple Finishes Available

When you use offset printing for your printing job, you'll have a variety of finishes to choose from such as satin, matte and high-gloss. Because the registration on the sheet is much better on an offset press, you can also add a wide variety of embellishments including foil, embossing and de-bossing without the issue of being out of registration.

  • Flexible

Offset printing machines can be used to produce a wide variety of printing products, including catalogues, coupon books, newspapers, digests, magazines, tabloids, stickers, cartons, point of sale or even specialty jobs.

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