Things to Know About Large Format Printing

Large Format Printing

Do you have campaigns to initiate or events to promote for a business or for a social cause? Well, then the good old way of putting up your banners and slogans in big fonts will definitely give you a wonderful response from your target audience. Whether you have an event to promote or want to market your business, large format printing will help you with all your publicizing needs. It helps you in successfully reaching out to your customers. This in turn will help you in increasing your target audience, thereby raising your profits.

Various industry sectors are now using large format printing to deliver their message and reach out to a larger number of people. From opening up new dimensions for small businesses to effectively marketing new products or services for established businesses, large format printing will help you generate eye-catchy business and marketing collaterals, which help you to achieve the desired results.

Before getting into the details of how beneficial large format printing can be, let us first understand it.

What Exactly is Large Format Printing?

Large format printing is a means for getting your ideas and designs out to a larger audience. It is best suited to advertising on buildings, vehicles and for point of sale as well as interior decoration. This incorporates anything from posters, banners and splashbacks to vehicle wraps, wall graphics and location signage. There are various substrates that can be utilized including self adhesive vinyl, canvas, paper, aluminium, corflute and PVC. Posters can range from A3 to A0 in size - which is 16 times the size of A4! There is no limit to the size of signs. So when it comes to size, large format printing stands out above all other advertising media.

How Can You Benefit from Large Format Printing?

Size does matter when it comes to marketing. The bigger your ads are the better the chances of them getting noticed. Large printed banners will make your brand stand out and speak for itself. This helps you in reinforcing your branding by improving your exposure. A great design printed on a large substrate generates huge buzz around your products, services or business and gets people talking about it. In addition, strong messages realized in large scale make a great first impression. Here are some of the business benefits of large format printing:

Go Big or Just Go Home

Large format printing makes your brand the center of attraction, thereby helping you gain better brand visibility. Big signage, posters and banners get noticed by the local crowd who actively engage themselves with their surroundings and location. Including a call to action in such marketing materials will encourage your audience to take immediate action, such as visiting your store or website, call you to inquire about your product or even try to redeem your special offers.

Cost Effective

When compared to various other types of printing options, which require expensive machines, large format printing is extremely pocket friendly. Another added advantage of using this is that after the initial outlay, there are no ongoing costs and you can get up to 10 years lifespan depending on the substrate and usage of the product. If you spread this cost over the full term of the product it is a much cheaper form of advertising than digital marketing which needs to be constantly updated and refreshed. It will also target the local audience whom are more likely to use your services.

Fast and Impactful

Businesses generally work on tight deadlines. Every passing minute means money. So, most of the businesses would want to get their posters developed within a short span of time. This can be achieved using large format printing, as it is not only cost effective but also less time consuming. Therefore, they make an ideal choice, if you are planning to make urgent announcements.

To sum up, by opting for large format printing, you will crack the perfect way for creating some buzz around the brand you want to promote!