How Do Good Brochures Help You Get Stuck in Your Potential Customer’s Mind?


Even as online shopping has gained momentum, there are still many shoppers who prefer going to a store and physically buying products that suits their requirements. Similarly, in the world of branding, despite the increased presence of online digital marketing, brochures are considered one of the strongest tools of marketing and advertising.

Brochures are like trailers for a film. It gives the customers a glimpse of what’s in store for them, thereby increasing their excitement and luring them to try products. The following factors need to be considered when designing brochures:

Convey the message

If you want to announce a seasonal sale or introduce a new product, then brochures can do the trick. Just be clear with the message – tell the customer details like what are the products/ services available, how cost-effective it will be and expected customer support they would get once they enter your stores – whether it be online or physical stores. As a result, the online traffic or floating visitors at the stores will increase.

Keep it simple

While brochures can be as glossy as possible, it retains the attention of customers if they can relate to it quickly. Instead of using sophisticated words, use simple words that list the details of the offers or services. Remember, if you want to convey the message, it has to be understood by people from all walks of life.

Don’t forget the pictures

‘A picture conveys a thousand words’ is exactly what makes brochures change hands quickly. Adding a graphic design which announces the massive sale or giving an example such as getting 40% off on designer apparels or getting an interesting combo while buying computer games will increase the recall value. Therefore, don’t forget to add pictures as they will ensure that customers at least check out your online store or be convinced to stop by at your shop.

Fix the target audience

If you are selling fast food, then your target audience will include office executives, college and school students. If you are selling designer clothes, then your target audience will include the socialites and celebrities. Make sure that your brochure appeals to your target audience.

If you put pictures of children for a product that is meant for adults, then you have adopted failed strategy. You will not be able to achieve your sales target. In addition, not having target audience is like running a ship without its captain. You will be unable to generate the interest amongst prospective customers.

Building credibility

A brochure adds credibility to your online store. Your company’s history, vision, products and details of the management, creates a sense of identification amongst future buyers.

As a result, customers believe that you are selling original and state-of-the art products or services. Your company’s image becomes stronger and people always relate to the logo or tagline as it resonates with their personal values.

For the technophobes

The older generation is still adapting to online digital marketing. Therefore, for those who are technologically challenged, brochures are the perfect marketing tool. If older customers want to go shopping, then they will get the latest announcements such as sale or discounts through brochures.