Discover How Packaging Manufacturing Industry Can Benefit from Offset Printing


Although product packaging is aimed to safeguard the product from being damaged, it plays a vital role in determining the success or failure of sales of that product. This is because, product packaging is the major component of marketing. Branding and marketing are the battle of perceptions rather than the battle of products. Therefore, the way in which you package your product makes a huge difference. Today, manufacturers can choose from a wide array of packaging designs. Therefore, businesses can now choose packaging options that give a fair idea of their products to their target customers.

Custom packaging is one such option that helps manufacturers in experimenting with innovative shapes and designs that attract their target audience. Besides, for your merchandises to remain in the competition, it is important to make the packaging attractive to your customers as much as your products. This is exactly where offset printing can come to your rescue. Offset printing is a multiple colour-printing method, which produces full-coloured photographic images on your product’s packaging.

Offset Printing – The Technique Involved

The method involves creation of a plate for every colour, which is etched to form recesses for holding the ink. While printing, the ink gets transferred or ‘offset’ on to a rubber blanket. This blanket is then pressed against your packaging container to transfer the ink and form an image on it. Offset printing enables you to print up to 6 colours and a sealer in one go. This technique also helps manufacturers in making their products stand out.

Here is how you can actually benefit from offset printing. The following reasons will provide you with a detailed picture on how offset printing will contribute to the success of your product:

No Direct Contact between the Inked Plate and the Container

Offset printing is totally different from rotogravure printing, which directly presses the plate against the object to be printed. However, this is not the case with offset printing. Here, the ink is first transferred on to a rubber blanket and then this blanket is pressed against the stock to be printed. This technique ensures better ink transfer when compared to directly printing on rough surfaces.

Precisely Caters to Small Production Runs

The plates used in offset printing are not expensive. They are inexpensive and are easy to make, when compared to requirements of other printing techniques. Therefore, if you want product packaging for short or limited production runs, then offset printing makes an economical choice.

Printing on Sleeves and Labels is also made Easier

Inexpensive printing plates will help you in adding printed sleeves or apply labels to your products at economical costs.

Multiple Colour, Full Colour or High-Resolution Graphics in just One Pass

Offset printing makes an ideal option to apply multiple colours in one pass. Besides, with this technique, you can also print images of photographic quality, which create striking graphics on your packaging.

No Need to Dry Between the Colours

With offset printing, you can subsequently print without waiting for the previously applied colour to dry. The drying stage comes after pressing and all the colours will dry simultaneously. This speeds up the overall printing process, thereby keeping your package printing costs low.

Excellent Choice for Small Letters and Fine Lines

Offset printing offers excellent level of fine detailing. Therefore, they make a perfect choice for graphics with thin lines. While other techniques produce jagged lines as the print gets thinner, offset printing can be an ideal choice if you want tiny font or thin graphics to be printed on your product’s packaging.

Superior Colour Control

You can precisely get the colour you want with offset printing. This technique offers professional colour-matching systems. Therefore, you either get gradient and halftone effects of multiple colours or create large areas of a single colour, everything at a high resolution.

This Thriving Industry has Many Vendors

The business of offset printing is extremely active. The machinery manufacturers are continuously improving bringing out new products with enhanced capacities. Therefore, you can easily find an offset printing partner who will precisely cater to your needs at great prices.

When it comes to product package designing and manufacturing, there is a plethora of options for business owners to choose from. Each one has its own paybacks and drawbacks. Therefore, thoroughly examining your marketing needs will help you in determining the best printing option for you.